About Carlmans

Carlmans was started in 1981 at Industrigatan 13 in Trosa.
The company was then headed by Jens and Laila Carlman, parents of Gert who runs Carlmans together with his wife Elisabet since 2009.
We offer a wide range of ATV trailers which we have been manufacturing for more than 30 years. They are sold through different retailers under KGK Motors in all of Sweden.

Who we are


Grew up in the family business and together with his wife Elisabet, became owner of Carlmans in 2009.


Owner of Carlmans. Elisabet handles our marketing, answers the phone, takes orders, minds the shop and administrates everything.


Our skilled watchdog and beloved mascot.


Retired for some time, but we have the good fortune to get help from him one day a week.


A welder with experience! Reliable, skilled and welds anything with great precision. Orderliness is his tune.


Our assembly specialist. Jan-Erik skillfully puts together four wheelers, as well as our Carlman trailers.