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Carlmans is Sweden’s first manufacturer of ATV trailers. Sometimes our trailers serve as models for other manufacturers, but when you buy an original Carlmans trailer at our facility in Trosa, we guarantee the highest quality and expertise.


Carlmans was started in 1981 at Industrigatan 13 in Trosa. We have a modern and completely equipped welding- and mechanical workshop. We perform lathing, milling, welding and bending in-house.

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ATV trailers and accessories

Flatbed trailer

The flatbed trailer is the most popular in Carlmans large trolly program. THe trolly is well suited for terrain where large tractors struggle to make way. The flatbed trailer can be equipped with wire stearing at the front and with a moose hatch.

Timber trailer

Carlmans timber trailer is hot galvanized and equipped with a moveable boggi, which yields the correct balance at different lengths of wood. The timber trailer comes standard equipped with attachments for a crane, stalling protection and loading rocker. 

Tipping trailer

The tipping trailer is hot galvanized and eqipped with foldable spreader flaps. This small trailer, which should be called large, is perfect when it comes to working in parks, gardens, areas with bad bearing and animal feeding. 

Single axle trailer

The trailer is best suited in terrain where large tractors struggle to make way. The flatbed trailer can be equipped with wire control stearing in the front with a moose hatch.

Garden rake

Intended for gravel paths and similar with adjustable working angle for different work depths. Reversible hardedned wear-resistant steel.

Snow plow

Made from black coated plate. Easily installed on the tow hitch as well as on an attachment at the front of the machine. The twistangle is 25 degrees and is adjusted manually. 

Skidding trailer

A special trailer for skidding posts and rough timber. The traiuler is hot galvanized, equipped with timber tongs and stalling protection.

Wild game sled LOKE

A sturdy wild game sled made with aluminium flooring and reinforcement underneath.

Special ATV Trailers

Since all trailers is manufactured here at Carlmans we have the options to custom make for your needs.