Farm trailer exclusive

Practical farm trailer of the highest quality. On it you can transport anything you need for a small farm. The trailer is tippable and you can also turn the trailer as you are tipping. The frame is fully welded and hot galvanized. The sides and the bottom is waterproof plywood.


Width 120 cm, length 200 cm, height 95 cm, flatbed length 120 cm, immersed flatbed depth 30 cm, immersed flatbed width 63 cm, weight 100 kg, max load 900 kg, wheels 22×11.00-8, air pressure 0.8 kg. CGE
RRP: 19 500:- (15 600:- w/o VAT) CGE-alu (w/ aluminum bottom)
RRP: 22 000:- (17 600:- w/o VAT)